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29) Homestuck AU

I am very bad at AUs and stuff and this is just something I thought last night because I couldn’t sleep. But, um, Medievalstuck???

Dirk is the prince of a wealthy kingdom and Dave is his most loyal and skilled knight. Jake is the castle’s page and even though he is basically a servant, he and Dirk have developed a strong friendship throughout the years. Actually, their bond is so strong that the prince started to develop stronger feelings for the page. He, of course, wouldn’t say this to him but he did try to show him his feelings somehow through his actions… because maybe the page might start to feel the same???

John is the heir of throne of a near kingdom which is in good terms with Dirk’s. Jane is John’s maid. She has taken care of him since he was a little kid and will continue to do so until John is old enough and gains the throne.

Jade and Rose are the village’s most famous witch and seer respectively. They are both feared by the villagers, but the prince seems to trust them and asks for their advice sometimes. Even though this would have to be the page’s job, it is Dave who is the intermediary between the prince and the witch and seer. He would visit them often. Some would say too often… and it was rumored by some villagers that the witch must have used some kind of spell or potion to enchant the knight. This isn’t true, of course. Dave visited them for his own desire.

And Roxy is the Robin-Hood-like rogue. She would steal money and food (often from the prince’s garden) and give it to the poor villagers who needed it the most.

(Source: aikzan)


17) Saddest Death

There are many other sad deaths I wanted to draw but they would have been spoilers for my sister, so I decided to do this one. (‘cause she’s already read this part). Besides, I do think this death is sad anyway and I’ve been meaning to draw doomed!John again, so here he is.

Just one quick doodle. I might redraw this sometime in the future. or maybe not idk
I’m hoping to draw this in GamTav version as well
그래머 그딴거

Remember that one time with fishtier babies.

for devon

gosh roxy you’re so strong

14) Fave Planet

I like all the planets (especially the kids’ planets!), but it was on LOFAF were these cuties spent time together, so~

Jade and Bec.

get this out of my face im so tired of seeing it

wow i swear im just goin through a phase rn just let me get it out of my system